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By Unknown - June 03, 2018

"I'm not losing weight, I'm getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again"

I don't want this to be a weight loss blog, as I have plenty more I want to write about. With that being said, it is going to be a part of my life for the next few months and I figured, let's be as transparent and open on here as I am in my day to day life.

I have dieted on and off for about 7 years now, I put on a lot of weight when I got together with an ex at age 19/20 and have never really been able to shift it. I have fluctuated in weight, I've had some diets that have worked for a while but never reached a weight I am happy with 100%. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be happy with my body type. I try to be realistic, I am never going to be a supermodel, and I wouldn't want to be. I have hips, thighs, boobs and I don't think I've ever really had a flat stomach. But I want to feel comfortable in my clothes. I don't want to cringe when I have pictures taken of me or try to get a certain angle so as to not show off my bingo wings. 

I recently went on holiday, it wasn't a beach holiday per se so I wasn't too worried, but Cornwall has some gorgeous beaches and we ended up having some amazing weather so we all trekked to one of the biggest beaches and busiest beaches. Now, I'm all for body positivity and feeling good about yourself. I try not to beat myself up too much, but I really did feel like a beached whale. Any pictures that were taken standing next to my partner I hated because I felt so wide standing next to him, so the only ones I could manage were selfies. 

It was on this holiday that we watched a tv programme on BBC1, it was an experiment on crash dieting and if it actually works (I would recommend watching if you're in the UK and interested in that sort of thing). We have been sold this idea by health professionals that it is unhealthy for us, that it isn't sustainable and you end up putting more weight back on than you originally lost. For this reason, I have always been put off by the 'soups and shakes' diets, of which there are plenty. I've stuck to the slimming worlds and weight watchers of the diet world, occasionally having periods of reducing my calories but never really sticking to it. 

However, this programme seemed to bust all the myths we had been told about 'crash diets' and investigated the idea of seeing results quickly being a motivator to keeping the weight off. It also looked into the health benefits of this kind of diet and, with the correct medical attention and support, can reverse the effects of diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease, as demonstrated in the participants on the programme. I have to admit, it appealed to me.

So, I started doing some research. Turns out the diet plan they used on the programme was the Cambridge Weight Plan. I started reading reviews, watching videos on Youtube of people who had followed the plan, or who are still following the plan, and all I saw were positive outcomes. So I took the first step, I have contacted a couple of consultants in my area and I am hoping to set up a consultation to see what it is all about and get started. 

I'm excited, if not a little nervous about the process. The NHS website lists all the possible side effects of 'crash dieting' such as nausea, headaches, bad breath, heart palpitations, fainting so on and so forth... on the other hand, I have watched Q&A's on the side effects, and the reactions of the people actually doing it state that they're not that bad and don't last that long. I'm hoping it is something I can push through so that I can start seeing results fast.

With all that being said, I am going to be brave and share a couple of pictures of myself so that I can track my progress and use this as a motivator to keep going. If a picture is on the internet, it's like something being set in stone right? So unless I want to crawl into a hole of mortification in 3 months time, I need to give this my best go!

Phew, now that's done let's get started. 

I shall try and post regular updates on my progress, intertwined with other things I feel like writing about. Like I said, I don't want to this blog to be solely focused on my weight loss journey, however, it is a part of my journey, and I'm hoping to either motivate or inspire someone or even be motivated or inspired myself.

Until next time folks...


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