Living life in the slow lane...

By Unknown - June 02, 2018

Hello, Hi, Bonjour!

I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Laura, I am 28 years old and I am not a blogger. 

I guess I'm hoping to call myself a blogger someday however with this being my first blog post I don't think I'm quite able to call myself that yet. What I can call myself consists of a few things. If we're talking job wise, I am a support worker. I am also a daughter, sister, sister in law, auntie and granddaughter to my family.  I am a girlfriend, a friend, a woman, an independent thinker, a feminist, a homebody, a traveler, a foodie a reader, a writer, a good listener blah blah blah!

I could go on listing all of my traits, likes, and characteristics, but let's not rush things. We can get to know each other over time, and hopefully what you see you like.  I plan to write about what I enjoy, whether that be food, places, fashion, makeup, and all that good stuff. I could occasionally muse on societal issues and things that affect us in our 20's. I am passionate about women's rights and may use this platform to share my opinions and ask for yours. Also, as someone who is coming towards the end of her 20's I may share some shiny pearls of wisdom* that I have picked up along the way.

So without rambling on for my first post, I shall leave it here and hope you join me in my little internet space.

Oh before I go.. a little explanation for the title of this blog. I by no means have lived life in the fast lane, as the saying goes, and when I was thinking of a title, I was thinking about the kind of content I want to put out on this blog. I'm nearing 30 and I am nowhere near where I thought I would be at this age when I entered my 20's, which I think goes for a lot of us. We're told on a near enough daily basis that we're not good enough or not getting somewhere quick enough, not completing enough 'life goals' that we don't even set for ourselves but are set for us. I for one am living life in the slow lane right now and you know what? I don't actually mind, because I get to savour the experiences I do have and I'm hoping to share them here.

With that being said, until next time folks...


*read mistakes and lessons learned

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