I LOST A STONE | Cambridge Weight Plan UPDATE!

By Unknown - July 22, 2018

So, as you can see by the title I have reached the goal of losing my first stone in weight. For anyone who is outside of the UK and doesn't work in stones, that is 14lbs. I don't know what it is in kg's so sorry about that folks.

I am on week 5 of the plan going into my 6th week and it is getting easier and easier as the weeks go on. I had a couple of weeks where the weight loss was less than what I wanted or expected. But a little tweak of the products and the week following I lost 3lbs. That also being the week I was off work, I went to the spa and had two three-course meals and a breakfast. I also attended 2 BBQ's when England was playing in the world cup. I was not expecting to lose anything and I'm not going to lie, I was feeling disheartened about my losses.

Even though I didn't stick to just the products that week, I did make good food choices and stayed away from carbohydrates as much as I could. And it paid off.

This week I have lost another 3lbs with being fully back on plan and I couldn't be happier with my progress. It has not been easy and I have had my frustrations, but it has been worth it to get to this stage and I am excited to keep on progressing with my weight loss. Seeing my goal in sight is a great feeling.

If anyone has any questions about Cambridge Weight Plan, then let me know in the comments. It's probably not for everyone, but for anyone who is serious about their weight loss and has any health concerns it really is an option that should be considered.

Until next time...

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