Thailand Part 2 | I think I've found paradise

By Unknown - June 13, 2018

Par - a - dise ;

A place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness
Ao Nang Beach - Krabi

Welcome back to my post about Thailand. I'll try not waffle on as much as I did in part 1!

Krabi was literal paradise. This was the part of our trip that was all about relaxation. We had a couple of pool days planned in our hotel and then island hopping day trips to book. These could be booked with our hotel and it made the whole process so easy. 

Our first island hopping trip was around the Phi Phi Islands. This included Bambu island.

Bambu Island
This was the kind of place you only see in photographs. I felt like I was looking at a painting or something you would see on a postcard. It was the epitome of white sand, turquoise sea and blue sky. With the sand between my toes and the warm breeze I was a bit overwhelmed that i'd actually made it there. 

We had a paddle in the sea and sunbathed on the beach before being hauled back onto the boat and onto the next island. 

The Beach. I think this was the film that drove tourism to Thailand through the roof, and Maya Bay in particular. When I found out this was a stop on our trip, i geeked out a bit and did the whole 'Oh my god i've seen that in the film'. 

Maya Bay
In reality, the island was beautiful, but it was so over run with tourists that you could't fully take it all in. The beach was covered with people, the bay was filled with speedboats and of course everybody wanted to go there for the same reason. 

It was recently announced that the Thai government have chosen to stop tourists visiting Maya bay for 3 months, to allow for the habitat to renew its self and the sea life there to be conserved. I think this fantastic and shows how precious their land is to them and how they want to take care of it.

The last stop on this island tour was actually Phi Phi island. This is a slightly bigger island that has inhabitants on it, with hotels and shops. We stopped and had lunch here and had a couple of hours to do with what we will, so we sun bathed and relaxed. Phi Phi Island lived up to its party reputation with its loud music and group tours of young people playing drinking games, so if that is your thing then great. It wasn't ours so we were glad to just spend a few hours there. 

We also did a trip to the lesser known, Hong Islands. Again this consisted of 3 idyllic islands, almost seemingly dropped into the middle of the ocean with trees and sand and nothing else. With it being the lesser known islands, it was also a lot quieter in terms of people. This enabled us to really appreciate the beauty of what we were seeing without worrying you were blocking someones camera shot!
Krabi itself was a beautiful place to stay. We only really ventured onto the beach promenade at night to grab some food and do a bit if shopping. But the vibe was so chilled and relaxed. It was a great base to use for the trips we wanted to do and if you are short on time like we were, it enables you to fit in all the smaller islands by doing the island hoping boat trips. 

We were sitting waiting for our ride back to the hotel on the second to last evening. We were looking out at the ocean and the quiet hum of people hustling and bustling along the street was behind us. I remember a feeling of complete contentedness in that moment, that i don't think i've ever felt in my 28 years on this planet.  For me to be there, sharing it with the person i was sharing it with was a massive milestone for me (more on that story another time) and i couldn't think of a better place to be for that. 

So in a nutshell, Thailand was amazing! 

I urge everyone to visit the place, but go there not to turn it into another place set up for tourists like the majority of Europe is. Appreciate it for what it is, the culture, the thai people, the food, the architecture, the landscape, the beaches and beautiful sights. Immerse yourself in it and allow yourself to drink it all in, because i promise you there is no other experience like it.

Until next time folks...

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