Outing to Warwick Castle

By Unknown - July 14, 2018

Hey there folks!

So, it's been a little while, hasn't it? If I'm being completely honest I haven't even sat down at my laptop to write anything since I hit publish on my last post. I can't use writers' block as an excuse, it's been more of a life block than anything.

In my job, there is a lot to sort out before going on holiday/annual leave, so with having the last week off work, the week leading up to it was hec-tic!! Then I finished work and I just really wanted some R&R. I spent time with my partner who also had the week off, I spent time with my family and we had a really nice couple of days out. It helped that it's felt like we're living in the tropics in England right now.

Our first little excursion on our staycation was a night away at Hoar Cross Hall Spa in Burton-upon-Trent. I am going to write a review on our stay there so keep your eyes peeled for that. But on Wednesday we decided to use a gift that had been bought for us and took a trip to Warwick Castle.

I haven't been to Warwick Castle since I was in Primary School. I remember going on a school trip but not much about the castle and what was there. It is a beautiful structure and if I wasn't British, it would be the kind of place that I would imagine if I was to think of Great Britain.

It is swimming with history, decadence and a real taste of how royalty lived 100's of years ago.

We relaxed on a grass bank, as we watched birds of prey flying around us during one of the many shows. They swooped low and high, almost skimming the tops of our heads with their wings.

We climbed to one of the highest towers (it was a struggle in 28-degree heat) and took in the magnificent views of Warwick. We marveled at how timeless it seemed to be. How it had managed to escape the ever-expanding 'modernness' of most UK cities and lamenting the disappearance of quintessential Britain elsewhere. 

There were fields of green and yellow that surrounded Warwick, untouched and still serving their purpose. I hoped that they would remain so, along with this bustling little town.

We explored the great hall and the staterooms that were set up as though there was a 'Royal Weekend' taking place. When at school, I didn't take much notice of history. Why would I want to look back when I am always moving forward? As the years have crept up on me, I have become fascinated with my countries history, how things were so many years ago and how it would be to live in those times.

Warwick Castle is one of the many time capsules we have in our great country and I plan to visit many more of them. We read about the members of the royal family that had stayed there in yesteryear, how the castle was used to protect those more fortunate against enemies. It was like walking through time and I was entranced.

Finally, just before we were about to leave we came across the stunning gardens. It was so Instagram worthy that I had to get a picture. I'm not a massive fan of a full-length picture of myself at the moment, but the trellis was too pretty not to show.

The day was delightful, and hearing all the different accents of the people visiting, made me realize what I have on offer right on my doorstep. I live only an hour from Warwick and yet this is only my third time visiting.

I plan to make more trips back to Warwick, as well as other parts of my country I have yet to venture to. You can travel the world, but sometimes the most special of places are right underneath our noses.

Until next time...

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  1. Ahh it looks so pretty, I adore these kinds of places! Such a perfect place to spend a summers day :D love how you captured it, especially that full length picture with the trellis, beautiful! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! It really is a beautiful place, as is Warwick itself. I love these kinds of places too. Yeah sure i'll head over and follow you now and take a look at your blog.
      Thanks for commenting :)
      Laura xx