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By Unknown - August 11, 2018

It's been a while, hasn't it? I'll be completely honest... I didn't know what to write about. I go through phases of writers' block. I have a load of inspiration and be writing for weeks and then I just go blank. I think it might be due to whats going on in my life at the time, work has been super busy and so have my weekends so it takes up room in my brain that I usually use on writing.

Anyway, I'm coming back today with a sort of fashion post. I say sort of because by no means am I qualified in any way. I have never worked in fashion or studied fashion. But I like to think I know how to put an outfit together. This is just a glimpse into my style and the kind of things I spend my money on.

Losing weight has meant my confidence in my styling and the things I am choosing to wear is slowly coming back and I can't wait to be at my goal so I can go shopping and spend all the monies!!!

I thought I would talk about a few staple pieces I plan to have in my wardrobe when I am at my goal weight, whether I have pieces like this already or will purchase at some point. I'm really going to streamline my wardrobe, stop spending money on 'fast fashion' and invest in items that I will wear in years to come. 

So without further ado here are my picks for a capsule wardrobe...

My first staple piece is a crisp white shirt. This is a linen shirt from Crew Clothing that I already have and wear a lot. This fit is quite oversized and I actually sized up as I wanted it even more oversized. I think a white shirt in either a soft cotton or linen material is essential as it is so versatile. You can wear it all year round for any season and you can dress it up with a skirt/tailored pair of trousers or dress it down with a pair of jeans and flats. 

Black jeans are something that all of us will have in our wardrobe. The reason I am including them is that, like the white shirt, it is such a versatile item and something that I think is something to be invested in. These are also I own, they are the Jamie Jeans from Topshop. Topshop jeans have always fit me well, however, I do plan on investing in a pair of Levi Jeans when I reach my goal weight.
A striped t-shirt is something I've recently added to my style and I absolutely love it. So much so I have about 5 different ones! I have short sleeved, long sleeved, navy and white, red and white and black and white are my favourite colours and it seems to be a trend that has stuck it out the last few years. 
I must admit, this Ralph Lauren trench is a cheap alternative to the Burberry one, which I love but just cannot justify the price tag. And the thrifty gal I am, I didn't even pay full price for the Ralph Lauren coat either as I purchased mine from Bicester Village. But during Autumn/Winter (and even Spring/Summer in rainy England) I get so much wear out of it. I love layering and it's a lightweight coat to throw on over any outfit. 
So the last piece I think is a staple for a capsule wardrobe is a pair of ankle boots. I love wearing ankle boots with jeans, dresses, skirts, trousers. I don't have a black pair of the Rag and Bone Harrow boots, but I have a couple of other colours. Black and tan are always versatile colours as black may be more suitable for winter and tan for summer. 

So those are just a few of my 'must have' items that I think help to start building a 'capsule' wardrobe. If you like this kind of thing and want me to do a part 2 with some different things then let me know in the comments.

Until next time folks...

White shirt:
Black Jeans:
Striped t-shirt:
Trench Coat:
Ankle Boots:

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